Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thing 65: It's hard to think about anything else

Markets Open A Day After Losing 9 Percent In Single Day
The current economic crisis in the U.S. market dominates the news right now, justifiably. There's lots of detailed information (from the pink Financial Times, for example), but I'm having trouble finding something I can understand without spending a lifetime studying it, and I'm sure some of our library users are just as hungry for digestible information. 

So I've spent this afternoon searching for good resources to help us figure it out, free of political bias (I hope). I'm not sure I've found the magic link yet, but here are some suggestions.
Discovery Exercise:
  1. Visit these sites to see what you can learn. I sincerely hope it helps!
  2. If you find other useful sources, please share them with the rest of us via your blog or by posting them to the comments.

Kitten Basket

There, now do we all feel a little better after our cute break?


Muggie said...

Another way to find out more is listening to podcasts from New York Times, The Economist, and NPR. They will generally take an approach that will not overwhelm you with jargon.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to business and personal finance I always check Money Magazine and BankRate.com. They both are objective and have a good focus on what is useful for the individual. So for the financial crisis of 2008 they are going to offer articles that will help an individual make the best choices with their finances. An example is Money Magazine's article, "Answers to your crisis questions". Here's some articles from Bankrate.com, "Surviving a workplace bankruputcy", "Tips to coping with the economy in '09", and of course there's ratings (it is BankRate.com after all) "Safe & Sound Ratings : Is your bank safe? Now you can find out."

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