Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thing 47: For the Musically Inclined, or Not!

I'm not musically inclined by any stretch of the imagination, but I know lots of people who are. Therefore, I know that when it comes to music, most musicians can' t get enough. There are many fun 2.0 sites that musicians and even non-musicians like myself can use and enjoy. The great thing about many of the sites that I found was that you don't have to know much about music to use them. You can even create your own songs without knowing how to play an instrument.

In this and my future posts, I will explore some of these websites and how they can be fun even useful to libraries.

The first site I would like to highlight is Jamstudio.

This "online music factory" allows you to create and share songs on the web. Use the "Help" tab to guide you through the first process, although it’s pretty easy to figure out. Create your song. Once you join, using only your email address and a password, you can save your song on the site and share your song through email. When you email a song to someone, it sends them a link to the website and they can then edit your song and email it back to you. This is a fun site to play with even if you aren’t a musician.

Discovery exercise:

  1. Go to and join.
  2. Create a song and email it to a friend and yourself.
  3. Write an entry in your blog about your experience. Copy and paste the link from your email to your blog.

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Polyxena said...

This thing looks fun. Is it thing #47 or #48? Any hope of having a number heading? For those of us trying to monitor blogs in learning programs and particularly for those of us in Oz who started ages later it is great to have a task number@ Thnx